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What's required of me/my team if my idea is on the platform/in a fund?
What's required of me/my team if my idea is on the platform/in a fund?
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We ask that you:

  • Keep your idea page up to date with relevant content and resources to ensure your starters can replicate your idea successfully

  • Let us know if there are any changes to the payment method, cost per replication etc.

  • Actively promote any fund that your idea is in to raise awareness of the opportunity amongst those communities and to generate applications from groups looking to replicate your idea.

    • You can do this by participating in a fund launch (often a virtual event), sharing the fund communications information we share with you across your network and cross promoting on social media etc.

  • Once starters apply for funding to replicate your idea you can choose to be part of the 30 Day Challenge process (have a call, ask that they read a particular document, register on your website) or not.

  • Connect with the starters as they complete their 30 Day Challenge to motivate them to complete the steps and secure the funding. Recognising that Social Innovators may not have the capacity to do this we structure the funding process so that it can work independently of you but the more involved you can be the better.

The amount of contact you have with starters once they receive the funding is dependent on how your idea is executed (e.g. whether or not you need to provide training, materials or online consultations).

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