How does ChangeX measure impact?
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One of our key metrics of success for social innovation partners is the number of Active Starters. This is the total number of people/teams who successfully start a project from ChangeX in their local community. On your dashboard you can view metrics such as total number of applications to your Idea as well as total number of funded starters.

We also track the outcomes of each Idea on the ChangeX platform based on existing and available research. At the impact stage of each project started on ChangeX, we ask community teams to report back with text and photo updates, as well as by filling out a survey.

This survey includes key metrics such as number of Participants, number of Beneficiaries, number of new connections in the community, and other relevant metrics.

In the onboarding phase, you will have the opportunity to view our general impact survey and add any questions that are specific to your Idea. We are here to help you capture the metrics that will help you reach your goals!

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