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Why is Stripe referring to me as a business?
Why is Stripe referring to me as a business?
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Stripe uses some language that may be confusing, but our FAQ section should help you get around any problems you encounter.

  • I don’t have a company registration number. What should I do? If you have a VAT number, Employer Identification Number (EIN), Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or other tax ID, enter it in the field marked ‘Company registration number’. Otherwise, enter 111111.

  • Should I add business owners? No. Choose ‘Continue with no owners’ instead.

  • Should I add business directors? No. Choose ‘Done, continue’ instead.

  • Should I add business executives? No. Choose ‘Done, continue’ instead.

  • Why do I need to provide my personal details if I’m applying on behalf of an organisation? Fraud prevention regulations mean that every organisation must have a representative whose identity can be verified. That’s why your personal details, as the applicant, are required.

  • What "proof of business document" should i upload to verify my non-profit organization? You can choose "other" and upload any type of document as long as it has the name and address of the non-profit organization.

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