A private page on ChangeX is only visible to yourself when you log in to your ChangeX account. It an also be seen by everyone who joined your page through an email invite you sent out through the ChangeX invite system. This is the only way to share a private page.

A public page is visible to anyone who has the link to the page, whether they joined it or not. It is listed in the idea locations on ChangeX and can be found through a Google Search. Anyone can share a public page in any way they wish, by just sharing the link address on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, via Email, on a Flyer, you name it.

Some starters like to keep their page private while they are working on getting their description or header images right. Just make sure you don't forget to change the settings once you've made your updates.  

To do so just go to Page Settings in your Admin panel on top of your page and choose Public under Visibility. 

You might be thinking about setting your page to private because you don't know yet when you'll actually start, or you're taking a break for a few weeks. In those cases we'd recommend you rather post an update that informs people about the status. Otherwise it's hard for people to find out that you're leading the idea in your community. 

Do you have more questions about the privacy settings on your ChangeX page? Please send a message to [email protected] 

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