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How to get started with your page on ChangeX
How to get started with your page on ChangeX

Four things you can do right away to kick off your new community project and find people to join you.

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Once you register to start one of the ideas from the ChangeX network in your community, you get immediate access to a personal project page. That means, you can start to invite others to join you right away. The earlier you see who is interested in the idea the better. Once someone takes the initiative, you'll be surprised how many people will jump on board and offer their help. 

Here are four things you can do with your page right away to kick off your new community project:

(Please note, you have to be logged in to ChangeX to do any of the following.)

1. Present your project page

With your ChangeX page, you have a website representing your project from the very beginning, which makes it easier to share it with others. Just make sure it has all the basic information that people need to get excited to join you.

Most important: Describe what you're planning to do, where you're at right now and how people can get involved. Give your page a personal touch by adding a header picture. 

Set your page to public to help people living in your area to find it. 

2. Invite people to join you as members or volunteers  

You can invite people to join your page easily through ChangeX. Just click on the "Share Group" button from the "Members" section of your page (see in picture below) and we'll send an email invite to your friend(s). 

3. Update members on what’s been happening

Through 'updates' you can share with people what has been happening, using text, pictures and links. If you've only just started, your update could tell people just that and start a discussion on how you want to bring the idea to life. Maybe you already have a venue in mind or are thinking about a certain twist to making this idea work in your community. 

Later on, you might be looking for volunteers, or you've just seen an interesting article related to your idea that could get your community excited about joining you. Let people know what's on your mind. 

4. Organise a meetup or event

Deciding on a date for your first team meeting or the actual start of your idea is the first big milestone in starting any idea.

You can set up your events right inside your ChangeX page and invite people to RSVP. To do that just click on "Create Event" in your Admin panel on top of your page. You'll be asked to fill in some basic information about your event.

An update about your new event will automatically be sent via email to everyone who joined your page. People who have left their phone numbers in their account, will also be contacted via SMS if they opted in to make use of that option. You can invite more people to join your event again by adding their email addresses. 

Check out the GIY Dublin City Centre  page to see what events look like.

Do you have more questions about getting started with your ChangeX page? Please check out more articles in our help center or send a message to [email protected]. 

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