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How to write a personal description for your page
How to write a personal description for your page
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The description for your page should be short, informative and add a bit of your personality. 

Remember, this might be the first thing people who find it online will learn about your project, so highlight what's most important to you. Here are a few questions that could guide your writing process: 

  • Why is the initiative important to you personally? Maybe go back to your motivation statement you left when you applied on ChangeX. It might be your description right there. 

  • What is your group about? If you haven’t started yet, just describe your plans and ideas. If your group is already up and running, mention a highlight everyone looks forward to. 

  • How can people join you? Do you need any help in setting up your group? Are you looking for volunteers? Can anyone just come along?

Do you have more questions about adding a description to your page on ChangeX? Please send a message to [email protected]. 

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