The description for your page should be short, informative and maybe you can inject a bit of your personality. 

Remember, this might be the first thing people who find it online will learn about your project, so highlight what's most important to you. Here are a few questions that could guide your writing process: 

  • Why is the initiative important to you personally? Maybe go back to your motivation statement you left when you applied on ChangeX. It might be your description right there. 

  • What is your group about? If you haven’t started yet, just describe your plans and ideas. If your group is already up and running, mention a highlight everyone looks forward to. 

  • How can people join you? Do you need any help in setting up your group? Are you looking for volunteers? Can anyone just come along?

Here is an example for a Men’s Shed description: 

Later, also make use of your extra fields “Help Needed” and “Volunteers Needed” to show upfront how people can get actively involved, because that's what a lot of people who come to ChangeX are looking for. 

Do you have more questions about adding a description to your page on ChangeX? Please send a message to [email protected] 

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