How to integrate the registration on ChangeX in your own website

Here are a few examples:  


Street Feast is a yearly event when people across Ireland bring together their neighbours to share a meal and spend an afternoon together. 

Streetfeast integrate direct links to ChangeX for people who want to host or join a Street Feast. 

The links are on an extra page where they explain a bit more about how the two organisations work together.  

You get to this page through a link „

host a feast

“ in a homepage teaser and in the top navigation.

The „HOST A FEAST“-link leads Street Feasters right to the registration on


where people will be asked to sign up/in and immediately enter the registration 

process for a Streetfeast.  

The best way of integrating ChangeX with your own processes and website depends on your specific needs and the functionality and structure of your website.  
Most of our idea partners just add a link to their website that leads people, who are interested in starting a new group/chapter/event etc. right to the registration on ChangeX. Some also link to the location overview for people who might want to join a chapter instead of building a location search themselves.  

The links to ChangeX are usually embedded on a separate page, that explains to people how to get involved in the initiative. 

The „GO TO ONE“ link leads people to the locations page on ChangeX that lists all the public 

registered Feasts:

The two links are image 


les. But if your website allows to create buttons, that would be the 

perfect link option.  


GIY is an Irish social enterprise building a movement of food growers. They are o


ering people 

plenty of ways to get involved but at the heart of the movement are local GIY groups that are run 

by local leaders who want to create support structures and local hubs where food growers of a 

community share their knowledge and start food-growing projects together. As their own website 

is focussing on many other initiatives they decided to host their GIY group communities on 


Within the navigation point „

Get involved

“ GIY o


ers many ways to join the movement. One 

teaser titled „Start Or Join A GIY Group“ leads directly to the GIY page on ChangeX. 

GIY also integrated the ChangeX logo to make it more transparent that they host their online-

communities on ChangeX. 

GIY also run a yearly fund in cooperation with Energia called „Energia Get Ireland growing fund“. 

One condition for applying, is registering a  new GIY group. Within the fund application form they 

also link to the ChangeX registration.  


Plastic Free 4 Schools is one of many community-based programmes that the social enterprise 

„Change by Degrees“ is o


ering for people to get involved in. Change by Degrees is doing a lot of 

work on raising awareness and giving practical guidance on reducing our carbon footprint on the 

individual but also the community level. They only have a minimal amount of information on their 

own website about the school programme and use their ChangeX page as the main landing page 

for the idea.

The headline „ SIGN UP FOR PLASTIC 

FREE 4 SCHOOLS“ and the bottom link lead directly to the Plastic Free 4 Schools page on 

ChangeX on 


Explain to people, why you are leading them to a partner website.

If you want to explain a bit more to people why and how you are partnering with ChangeX, here 

are a couple of short text suggestions. It always depends on the structure and layout of your site 



ts best though. 


We are hosting our community on

alongside more than 60 other social enterprises who 

want to create and measure their impact together.  

ChangeX is a community of changemakers who want 

to spread the best solutions to the world’s problems 

and strengthen communities. They bring together 

social innovators like us, local changemakers like you 

and funders. allows us to:  


manage registrations for new chapters and our user 



measure our collective impact of all chapters over 



attract and accept funding for setting up new 

chapters worldwide 


manage funds and funding applications for people 

starting new chapters

 will allow you to:  


register your new chapter easily  


get access to all support resources and mentorship 

from us and from ChangeX  


have an immediate website for your new chapter 



nd and get in touch with other leaders of chapters 

across the country and internationally  


build your online communities around your local 

chapter by posting updates, creating events and 




nd out about more ideas that you can start in your 


Example on Street Feast:  

„ Once again we’ve teamed up with to help us look after the Street Feast    

community. is an Irish organisation that provides a great platform to register  

and plan your feast. (It’s basically an initiative to help you start or get involved in great     

projects in your community – they make it easy for you to participate in your  


Give people a short overview of what’s involved in starting your idea

You can use the short overviews we use in our guides to give people 


rst overview of what’s 

involved in starting your idea before asking them to start the idea:

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