Is there a cost to use ChangeX?

No, ChangeX is free of charge. In the past, we have experimented with small fees but we quickly learned that this would be unsustainable and didn’t make sense, either from our perspective or the organisations we partner with.

How does ChangeX make money?

ChangeX is a non-profit with charitable status and we raise philanthropic funds as well as generate funds through our business model - Impact as a Service. We partner with corporates and foundations to solve social and environmental problems by spreading ideas that already work and giving local communities the information, support and resources they need to get these ideas up and running. Some of our current partners include AIB, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and the Community Foundation for Ireland.

Who owns the data attached to users who sign up on ChangeX?

All the personal data that new starters share on is shared between ChangeX and the relevant social innovator. This is defined more clearly in our terms and conditions

Can I access this data at any time?

Yes, you can download all of the data connected to your idea from your admin page on ChangeX at any time.

What if I decide to leave ChangeX?

We’ll be sorry to see you go but we’ll remove all your information from the ChangeX platform and give you a full and complete copy of your user data generated during your time on ChangeX.

How do I update content for my idea on ChangeX?

We’re working on fully editable content pages but for now, you can email any changes you want to make to [email protected].

How does ChangeX measure impact?

One of our key metrics is # of Active Starters. This is someone who successfully starts a project from ChangeX in their local community. We track the outcomes of each idea on the ChangeX platform based on existing and available research. 

How can ChangeX help me measure my impact?

You’ll receive regular impact reports that show you: # starter applications and # active starters along with the corresponding increase in outputs and outcomes related to these replications of your idea i.e. # of new groups, # of participants | % increase in mental health and wellbeing.

We also get feedback directly from starter teams to understand the impact the project has had in their local community 3-6 months after they become active. Read more about how we think about impact in this blogpost.

Where do the SDGs come in?

We ask every idea on ChangeX to confirm which of the Global Goals their work aligns to. We believe that the ideas on ChangeX offer a unique and powerful way to activate citizens around the Global Goals. The Goals provide a common framework for all of us to measure our progress on some of the world’s most pressing issues. Read more about our commitment to the SDGs here.

Can I control the number of new starters that come through ChangeX?

One of the primary drivers of growth on ChangeX is digital advertising and fund/campaign-led marketing. You can opt out of participating in a campaign or fund if you have concerns over your ability to deal with new starters coming through ChangeX.

Can I refer directly to ChangeX from my website?

Yes! We highly recommend this as it means you can manage your new starters / enquiries / community in one place and it gives a more streamlined experience to new starters. 

How do I ensure there is no confusion between my brand and the ChangeX brand?

We understand the potential for confusion and the only way to deal with confusion is clear communication. On ChangeX, we state that we partner with social innovators and non-profits to help them spread their idea. Here’s how Street Feast communicate our partnership on their website.

Once your community sees our partnership communicated to them multiple times, it should deal with any potential confusion.

Is there an opportunity to learn from the other idea partners on ChangeX?

Yes absolutely! Generally, we gather the group at least annually and we plan to facilitate more group learning opportunities both in-person and remotely based on different topics and themes.

Is there generally much cross-pollination between ideas on ChangeX?

We often see the ChangeX community members start multiple ideas on ChangeX. This is particularly true within certain professions e.g. educators or local community workers.

How often should I login to the ChangeX platform?

You’ll be notified if something needs your attention e.g. a new starter application. Where your idea is part of a fund or campaign, you’ll find that you need to login more frequently than normal.

Will I get a notification if someone applies to start an idea?

Yes, you’ll get an email with a link to the starter application.

Do all starters who apply to start succeed and become active?

No, approximately 65% of starters who are approved go on to successfully start their intended community project.

Can I restrict my idea to only appear as available in certain locations?

Yes, depending on where it’s possible to start your idea e.g. Ireland. ChangeX is currently only active in Ireland and Minnesota, US but sometimes we do receive enquiries organically from other locations around the world. Our ambition is certainly global.

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