Why invite people to my page on ChangeX

You can use your page on ChangeX as your online base for your community project. It allows people from your area who are looking for something to do in your area, to find your project. 

People who join your page will automatically get notifications about updates you make on your page. (Unless they've unsubscribed from these kinds of notifications) 

  • new events you create 

  • updates you post to the page 

  • Messages you send to members. 

This way you can always keep everyone in the loop of what's happening and start growing your own online community.

How to invite people easily

  • Log in to ChangeX and go to your page

  • Scroll down to step 4 "Find 3-5 Interested People"

  • Add the email addresses of a couple of friends and click on "send invite". 

Here is what your friends will see in the email that goes out to them: 

  • Alternatively: Click on one of the social sharing buttons to use Facebook, What's app or Twitter to share a link to your page. You'll be led step by step through the process of selecting the people you want to share this with and writing your personal message. 

How to invite people after completing the step

Once you've invited someone, no matter how many people, the step 4 will be completed. To invite more people later you have a few options:

  • Click on the blue button saying "Share group". Input email addresses of the people you'd like to invite 

  • Anywhere on the page, click on "Invite Friends" in the top right navigation of the page 

How does ChangeX use my friend's email addresses?

We use the email addresses you input solely for the purpose of sending out the invite to your page. We also send out 4 reminders over the course of a few weeks. We won't send any other communication to people whose email addresses you've added here. We don't share the data with any third parties. 

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