When you sign up to ChangeX you'll be asked to decide if you'd like to keep your page private or set it public. Remember this? 

A private page can only be seen by people you've invited through the ChangeX platform. So you might decide later, that you would like to change it to "public" and open it up to a wider audience.  

Here is what people see if your page is set to private? 

Here is how you can change the page status to "public" and share it with more people: 

  • Login to ChangeX and go to your page 

  • Click on "Page Settings" to get to your admin area where you can edit all the central information of your page. 

  • Scroll down to "Visibility" and click on the checkbox next to "Public".

  • Then click on "Save All Changes" to save your new settings. 

Your page information, events and updates can now be seen by everyone...

  • ...who has the direct link to the page

  • ...who searches for idea locations on ChangeX

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