Your first casual meetup is all about getting the first few people committed to join your journey of starting a community project. 

Please create an event on ChangeX, so that you can invite people easily who already joined your page. 

Here is how you create an event? 

  • Log in on and go to your page where you see the steps of your 30 Day Challenge. 

  • Scroll down to Step 3 "Setup a casual kick-off meeting". 

  • Fill in all the fields and click on "Create Event".

  • Once you click on "Create Event" an email-invite will go out to everyone who has already joined your page. 

  • You can access and edit your event at any time. Just click on "Events" in the navigation on the left hand-side, on mobile devices on top of your page. 

  • There should be one event listed on your Events page now. Click on the event headline to get to the single event page. 

  • Here you can edit more information. You can make any changes  or add a photo to your event. 

  • You can now also share the event with anyone via email, What's App, etc. Just  copy the link from your browser window.

Please note: Your page has to be set to public in order to share your event with people who are not members of your page.
> How to set a page public

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