Sharing your first team picture

The final step to complete the 30 Day Challenge is sharing a team photo and a project plan on your page. Here is why and how to do it.

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How to share your first team pic 

You can share your picture right on your page on ChangeX. 

  • Log in to ChangeX and go to your page 

  • Scroll down to step 5 "Share a Team Photo & Project Plan

  • Add a short status update on the first action you will take together as a team 

  • Click on "Add Photos or PDF" to upload your team pic from your phone or your laptop

  • Click on "Post" to publish your post. 

Who will see the post? 

If your page status is set to private, only people who are members of your page will see this post. They'll also get a notification about your update via email. 

The ChangeX team and the innovator behind the idea you are starting will also be able to see your page and your posts when logged in to the platform.  

If your page status is set to public, everyone who visits your page can see the post and the picture. 

Why do you need to share a photo to complete the 30 Day Challenge?

We want ChangeX to be a place to celebrate and share your achievements as well as the positive stories you create in your neighbourhoods, schools or communities. 

Sharing a photo will not only allow us to follow your progress; it’ll also encourage and inspire our wider community of starters to keep driving their ideas forward.

If everyone shares their progress and ideas, we can all learn from each other and inspire each other in running our community projects. 

We also know that projects with teams of community members behind them are much more likely to be successful in achieving the goals that you set out to accomplish. We require a team photo with at least 4 people before providing any funding to ensure that there is a full team dedicated to the success of the project!

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