Over the years, we’ve learned that the first weeks are critical to building momentum and getting off to a successful start with any community project. That’s why we’ve created the 30 Day Jumpstart Challenge which sets a simple goal. To get a few people committed to get started with an idea in your community and taking the first action together. 

We've split the challenge up into a few steps that you can take. 

Understand the challenge

Watch the short welcome video on your ChangeX idea page.

Download your 5 Step Guide

Learn more about the idea you are starting in your ‘5 Step Guide’ which includes all you need to know about the specifics of starting your project. 

Find 3-5 interested people 

You already have your own project page on changex.org. Use it to share the project with others and recruit your first supporters. You can invite people right to your page on ChangeX.

> How to invite people to your page

Set up a casual kick-off meeting

Host a meeting at your home, in a pub or in a café and come up with an action plan along with your team. You can use your ChangeX page to set up an event and invite people. 

> How to set up an event on ChangeX 

Give us a heads up that you are up and running 

At your event, take a team picture and agree the first action you will take as a group to get started. Share both on your page on ChangeX 

> How to share your status and photo and why

Once you complete the challenge, your page will be listed as active on the location overview of the idea and on the national ChangeX starter map (www.changex.org/locations/map). We’ll also give you a shout out on our social media channels!

If for any reason, you don’t complete the first steps within the 30 days, don’t worry, your page will still be there but we’ll set it to “dormant” and you can reactivate it at a better time. 

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