What is the 30 Day Challenge?

We encourage every starter on ChangeX to kickstart their projects within 30 days

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The 30 day challenge is a series of simple steps that each starter will have to go through in order to unlock funding. These steps include watching a video, having a call with one of our teammates at ChangeX, forming a team so that they have support, having their first team meeting, sharing a team photo, and sharing an action plan.

These steps were all developed by our team based on our experience working with community changemakers. Over the years, we’ve learned that the first weeks are critical to building momentum and getting off to a successful start with any community project. We have found that teams who complete these steps within the first month are much more likely to be successful in completing their project!

5 Simple Steps:

These are steps that every new community member starting a project via ChangeX has to complete to unlock funding for their project.

1. Watch Your Welcome Video. This video is shown on their ChangeX project page to help each new starter understand the Challenge and what is required to unlock funding.

2. Schedule a Zoom Call with the ChangeX Team. During this call, each starter will talk to a ChangeX team member about what’s involved in their project and to ensure that you understand the Challenge Guidelines.

3. Recruit Your Team (4 People). We ask that each starter find a small team of people to help get their project started by sharing their new page with friends, neighbours or colleagues! The step will be completed when at least 4 team members accept the invite.

4. Set Up a Kick Off Meeting. Host a team meeting and come up with an action plan for your project. Once you create your event, your team members will automatically receive an invite.

5. Share a Team Photo & Project Plan. Share a photo taken at your first team meeting with at least 4 team members, and share your plan for getting your project started. This should include your project plan, timeline, budget breakdown and expected impact.

Idea Specific Steps:

Each proven innovation on the ChangeX website has different resources, guides, and requirements for teams who choose to replicate the Idea in their own community. Some Ideas have additional steps that need to be completed as part of the 30 Day Challenge. You will see these listed on your project page when you apply to start a proven Idea!

Note: If for any reason, you don’t complete the first steps within the 30 days, but still intend to move forward with your project, reach out to our team at [email protected] and we can help!

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