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What is a starter?

Starters are what ChangeX is all about - People who kick off ideas that are new for their communities.

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ChangeX helps to spread existing ideas, that have already shown to have an impact in single regions and that can be taken on by anyone who has the passion to run with them.

Examples are 'Grow It Yourself Groups', regular meet-ups where people exchange knowledge about growing their own food or 'Playworks', an educational programme that improves recess at school. 

We call people who commit to setting up one of these ideas in their own community "starters". 

The ideas people can choose to start are limited and different for different regions. 

So, people always pick ideas from the ChangeX portfolio. 

We are counting someone as a 'starter' as soon as: 

  • They have registered by filling in a short form 

  • Passed a soft screening that is different for the different solution, depending on the level of knowledge and commitment needed to get an idea up and running. 

Once someone has completed the 30 Day Challenge or has shown in other ways  that the idea is actually up and running in a community, for example by filling in our impact survey, we call them 'active starters'.

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