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As the last step of your 30 Day Challenge, we ask that you share your project plan directly on your project page. Once you've met up with your team and finalized your plans, we want to hear more about your project.

Your action plan only needs to be a few paragraphs but we are interested to hear more about the plans that you have created with your team during your first team meeting!

Here is a general template of the sections that should be completed:

  • Timeline: when do you think you will be able to start? how often will your team meet? are there any key dates to share for the project?

  • Budget: you don't need to share exact prices, but we would like to know how you're planning to spend the seed funding and what costs you are anticipating to get your project up and running.

  • Expected Impact: how will your community benefit from this project? do you have any measurable goals for your project such as number of people who participate? are you hoping to spread knowledge or increase interest in a specific subject?

  • Location: if your project requires space, have you decided the location? do you have all necessary permission and permits to carry out your project at the chosen location?

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